Data Backup & Disaster
Recovery Solutions

Agility Technology Group protects your crucial files and customer data when threatened by cybercriminals, natural disasters or peers. We create encrypted backups of your confidential information and recover your data if it’s lost, stolen or damaged.

Is Your Data Lost?

ATG helps recover your lost or stolen data by preemptively creating secure backups of your confidential data. We deploy recovery plans designed to minimize downtime and get your team back to business. We understand that mistakes happen, which is why we always prepare for your worst-case scenario. The key to success isn’t necessarily whether or not you experience downtime; it’s how long the downtime persists. Our team proactively and remotely recovers your information, so you spend less time waiting and more time working through your to-dos.

From natural disasters to impending cyber threats, downtime and data loss can occur many different ways. We implement solutions designed to render those threats useless while keeping your business and your customer’s data protected. Using the cloud, we generate encrypted backups of your information keeping your personal data confidential while making it easy to recover in a pinch.

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Benefits of Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions

Eliminate Expensive Downtime

Experience Uninterrupted Operations

Deploy Crucial Applications

Gain Tested Plans

Meet HIPAA & PCI Compliances

Build Credibility with Customers

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