Computer & Network Security

Agility Technology Group keeps your computer and network secured with a multi-layered security strategy designed to fit your budget. We implement security software that eliminates the risks of viruses, malware, hackers and other cyber threats while improving business continuity.

Elevate the Way You Protect Your Systems

ATG protects your data from outside parties with multi-layered network security. While your firewall is a primary tool used to protect your network resources, we understand that it’s not enough to set it and forget it. Your firewall needs to be frequently updated to ensure that it can identify and stop no matter what cyber threats come your way. But, our security doesn’t end there. We also provide antivirus, anti-malware and other security defenses.

We begin by installing your firewall, anti-threat software and wireless access point, setup and configure the solution policies based on best practices and manage all support requests related to your security solutions. Then, we’ll monitor and patch your firewall and other security applications on a regular basis, ensuring that your network’s protected from evolving cyber threats. We’ll help you mitigate cyber risks by providing a fully managed security solution. And, with our network security audit, you’ll know exactly where you stand.

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Benefits of Computer & Network Security

Monitor Your Network 24/7

Protect Your Confidential Data

Gain a Network Security Audit

Minimize the Risk of Downtime

Update Security Software Automatically

Reduce Management Costs

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