Endpoint Protection

Agility Technology Group defends your business from every angle by protecting your mobile, wireless and other endpoint devices. We’ll add a layer to your security strategy and train your team on how to keep their personal, BYODs safe from cybercriminals and other threats.

Keep Your Mobile Best Friend Safe

ATG knows that cybercriminals are searching for new ways to infiltrate your systems daily – and that includes through your laptop, tablet and mobile devices. That’s why we leave no device untouched when it comes to protecting your technology. We’ll implement the same strategies we use for your computers and network to keep your endpoints protected. Whether you’re working from home, a sister office or your favorite coffee shop, we’ll ensure your device is connected securely to your network.

We start by identifying where and how often you use endpoints in and out of the office. Per our conversation, we’ll create a detailed endpoint protection strategy that solves your unique team challenges and keeps your business protected. Cyberattacks often occur through your email; so, we’ll train your team on industry best practices for using their favorite applications while connected to your network.

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Benefits of Endpoint Protection

Eliminate BYOD Security Risks

Get Team Training on Best Practices

Boost Business Flexibility

Gain Authorized Access to Your Network

Identify Threats While Browsing

Keep Your Personal Devices Clean

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