Secure Email Solutions

Agility Technology Group protects your email from cyber threats like phishing emails, spam and malicious links. We’ll train your team to recognize fake or malicious emails and keep your organization safe from impending cybercriminals and other digital threats.

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ATG gives you the tools you need to recognize and rid your inbox of cyber threats. We understand that you use email daily and keeping your business safe is reliant on keeping your email clean. Without the proper security and training, your entire system could become compromised by ransomware, phishing or other cyber threats. We’ll protect your business from spam and unwanted intruders, so you can click through your inbox with confidence knowing your data is safe.

By implementing a multi-layered approach, we keep your computer, network, system and organization protected. From proactively monitoring your digital activity to training your team on how to identify and delete threats, we’re here to help you secure your email and protect your customers. We encrypt software and confidential data to prevent attacks before they cause any damage or interruption. We’ll prevent breaches, minimize costs and eliminate downtime to improve your productivity and system reliability.

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Benefits of Secure Email Solutions

Gain Cyber Threat Training

Keep Confidential Data Safe

Eliminate the Risk of Downtime

Add a Layer of Security

Reduce Operating Costs

Meet HIPAA & PCI Compliance

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